Basket Range Brigade



The Basket Range CFS station is located in a picturesque valley overlooking orchards of cherries, apples and pears, with vineyards, natural scrub and the Camelot Castle reception complex all within sight from the front doors.

The brigade was formed in 1969 after a fire in Cranwell’s Garage highlighted the lack of fire cover in the Basket Range area. The original station building, located adjacent to the Basket Range War Memorial Hall has been replaced with a modern building in the same location, now housing 2 appliances and around 34 enthusiastic members.

New members are most welcome – the brigade is currently seeking males & females aged 14 years upwards, to train as firefighters and radio operators. If you are interested, or would like more information, please attend the station on a training night – Mondays – between 7.30 & 8 pm, ring the station on a training night between 7.15 & 8pm, or contact the Captain, Pip McGowan on 0409093802.

If you are interested in joining the Basket Range CFS, as a firefighter or radio operator, please come and see us at the Basket Range Fire Station – any Monday night from 7.30 pm. If you are interested in joining, or would like to know more, please come and see us.

Training occurs every Monday night from 7.50 pm. (Station open from 7.30 pm).

New members welcome