Cherryville Brigade History

Transcribed from the display in the Cherryville Community Centre

Cherryville CFS 1951-1986

After a large fire at the end of January 1951, the Cherryville residents held a meeting in the Baptist church on the 19th March.

The outcome of this meeting was a decision to raise funds to purchase a vehicle suitable to use as a fire unit.

At this meeting the late Mr Peter Bungay was elected Chairman, the late Mr Bill Davis Secretary, and Mr Bern Helgeson Treasurer.

An initial collection of £73.80 was raised at this meeting.

The EFS supplied a pump, which was used on a truck owned by Mr Allan Channing until the fire truck was ready for use.

In 1954 an ex-Army Ford Marmon Herrington 4WD truck was purchased with the money donated by the residents of Cherryville. The men of the district worked throughout the year converting this cab chassis into a fire unit.

The first fire attended with the finished unit was on the 2nd January 1955 – “Black Sunday.” This truck served the district well until 1970 when the Cherryville EFS took over an ex-Army Chev Blitz previously belonging to the Norton Summit EFS.

In 1980 Cherryville received a Toyota Land Cruiser from the East Torrens Council, and the CFS. Mr Allan Channing built the body, and the unit was ready for its commissioning in April 1981. The unit was commissioned by Mr Fed Kerr, retired EFS Director, at the Cherryville Community Centre.

In January 1984, once again financed by local donations, the Cherryville CFS purchased a 1978 4WD International Acco cab chassis.

A working bee was held at Mr Allan Channing’s, and within 3 days the body from the Chev Blitz was transferred to the International Acco, and it was ready for use. This unit was commissioned, in conjunction with Norton Summit’s new unit, by Mr A D Macarthur on February 2nd 1986 at the Eastern Ranges Sports Complex, Ashton.

The first fire shed was built close to Mr Allan Channing’s home, housing the Marmon Herrington. This building was destroyed on Black Sunday. The second fire shed was erected, by volunteer labour, on Church Rd, behind the Cherryville Church. This was rebuilt in 1971 at a cost of $460, and now houses both units.

Nearly all men who have resided in Cherryville have been members of the local CFS.

Still serving as officers are two original members, Mr Allan Channing – Deputy Supervisor, and Mr Bill Holliday – Captain.

On 10th Dec 1986, Allan Channing, Bill Holliday and the late Peter Bungay were awarded the National Medal of Australia for service to the CFS.