Carey Gully Brigade Appliances

Carey Gully 14 is based on an Isuzu crew chassis (dual cab). It is 4 wheel drive, and carries 1000 litres of water.
It carries equipment for dealing with rural fires, and also carries a chainsaw.



Carey Gully 34 is a rural / urban appliance, which carries equipment for dealing with rural incidents, as well as 2 breathing apparatus sets, for dealing with building / cars fires. It also carries stop / slow bats for traffic control, and a chainsaw.



Carey Gully QRV is a quick response vehicle, designed specifically for rural applications.

TheĀ  Carey Gully QRV was delivered to the brigade in March 2012, to replace a Toyota Landcruiser based QRV.

TheĀ  QRV is based on a Nissan Patrol chassis, and carries 550 litres of water.


Due to its small size, and manoeuvrability, it is ideal for work around the narrow and winding roads and tracks in the East Torrens area.


Photographs courtesy CFS Promotions Unit