About Carey Gully Brigade

The Carey Gully CFS is located on Greenhill Road at Carey Gully.

We have an active membership of approximately 35 male and female members including cadets. All of the members are volunteers.

All members are initially trained in basic bush firefighting skills. Members then undergo further training which may include Structural Firefighting, Road Accidents, Hazardous Materials, Chainsaw Safety, Leadership, Incident Management, Driver Training, First Aid, Gas and Fuel fires and more.

Protective Clothing, helmets, boots and gloves are provided at no charge to members.

The Brigade currently accepts members from the age of 11 years.
How we can help you

The Carey Gully CFS is a group of men and women from the local community, who are trained to assist in a variety of emergencies, from bushfires, building fires, trees across roads, chemical spills to road crashes.

We can also assist with information on fire prevention and preparing your property for the coming fire season.
Time commitment

The Brigade trains every Monday night from 7.30 pm.

Members are on call 24 hours a day. It is expected that members will respond to the Station when the alarm is raised or the siren sounds.

On average, the Brigade attends around 55 call outs a year – which can take anywhere from from 30 minutes to days to complete.
Station siren

The Carey Gully CFS uses pagers to notify member of an incident. The siren is only used in certain circumstances, the siren and pages are tested each Monday night, between 7.30 p.m. and 8.00 pm.